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Enrichment Volunteer

Enrichment is experiences we offer our animals daily that allow them to express species-specific natural behaviors. For many species we have to provide a variety of enrichment daily to give the animals choice within their environment and throughout their day. Enrichment is made by the Animal Behavior & Wellbeing department then delivered to animal areas. The enrichment we make includes, but is not limited to, treat bags/boxes/tubes, paper braids, paper mache, frozen treats, scented items, pinecone/wreath feeders, and more.

Program Description
Enrichment Volunteers help the Animal Behavior & Wellbeing Department make safe enrichment, which simulate animals’ natural behaviors. Volunteers will perform a variety of functions, including, but not limited to:

  • Making food and non-food enrichment for the animals
  • Following directions and all safety protocols carefully to maximize health outcomes
  • Prepping supplies (removing tape and/or staples, counting and measuring, etc.)
  • Follow all cleaning protocols and USDA standards once enrichment making is complete
  • Delivering enrichment supplies to select areas
  • Help design new enrichment items for animals
  • May observe animals with the enrichment made to evaluate effectiveness

Must be able to stand for a prolonged amount of time and go up and down stairs
Must be open to both indoor and outdoor activities
Able to meet the time commitment requirements outlined below

Time Commitment
Submit a volunteer application and attend an interview.
Give approximately 12 - 16 hours of service per month, preferably on a consistent schedule (i.e. every Tuesday afternoon, every Friday morning, etc…)
Schedule volunteer time in advance with the appropriate member of the Animal Behavior staff
Inform the appropriate member of the Animal Behavior staff if you are unable to make a scheduled shift or will be absent for an extended period of time.

Animal Behavior volunteers will be given an orientation regarding general zoo policies, and an overview of the Animal Behavior operations at the Toledo Zoo. Detailed, hands-on training and/or guidance will be provided by a member of the Animal Behavior staff throughout the placement.

Dress Code
Animal Behavior volunteers may be indoors, creating enrichment, or outdoors, delivering completed enrichment. Volunteers will be provided a volunteer t-shirt, but are encouraged to dress in clothes that are appropriate for the weather/season, that they are willing to risk getting stained, and are still within the Zoo’s overall dress code policy.

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