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Wild Toledo


In the fall of 2014, Wild Toledo began converting previously mowed lawn and abandoned lots to environmentally beneficial urban prairies, which save resources through reduction of mowing, improve rain water management and reduces runoff. These plantings also provide aesthetically pleasing habitat for important native species like birds and pollinators.

Wild Toledo has over 50 prairies installed throughout Northwest Ohio at all types of sites. Prairie installation and first year maintenance is included in our quoted prices. Future year prairie management is available for a small charge.


Increases Pollinator Population

Resting Spots for migratory birds

Decreases Carbon Dioxide

Reduces Upkeep

Reduces Runoff

Food Source



Wild Toledo Plant Sales

Our Zoo-grown native plants add beauty and benefits to your landscape. Select the size, color, bloom time and more to fit your needs.

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Project PRAIRIE extends our Wild Toledo prairie initiative into local classrooms by utilizing the flower installations as living labs.

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Restricted in space or desire a more manicured look? A Native Landscape is for you! These areas still provide food, larval development and shelter for bees, butterflies and more, just on a smaller scale.

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Leave the Leaves!

The Toledo Zoo is participating in the national Leave the Leaves campaign to provide habitat for overwintering pollinators and other invertebrates. Many native butterflies, bees and other important invertebrate species overwinter in the leaf litter. On top of creating great habitat, the leaves provide great mulch for our plants and will break down in the spring returning nutrients to the soil. Please consider joining us to protect native pollinators and Leave the Leaves!

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