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Toledo Zoo & Aquarium

Media Policies

Media Visits to the Zoo

We welcome the opportunity to assist credentialed members of the media with feature stories and editorial coverage of the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium. In order to best serve you, members of the media interested in visiting the Zoo grounds for a story are required to make an appointment with a member of the Communications Team in order to facilitate entry into the park and make all appropriate arrangements.

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Behind our Mission: Enjoy. Inspire. Educate. Act.

At its core the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium's mission is simply to connect others with wildlife and nature. Through education, conservation and outreach our tremendous staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing a participatory, immersive and memorable experience for our guests.

Photo and Video Policy

The Toledo Zoo welcomes guests to take photographs and videos for personal use during their visit. However, the sale or commercial use of any photos or videos taken on Zoo grounds, including buildings and animal collections, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the Toledo Zoo's communications department. Commercial use is any reproduction or purpose that is marketed, promoted, or sold and incorporates a financial transaction.

If you are interested in using the Zoo as a location for commercial photography or videography, you must obtain Zoo approval to do so by filling out the required information listed below.

The following guidelines must be followed when taking photographs or videos on Zoo grounds:

  • Do not disturb or harm the animals in any way. Please respect their habitats and behaviors.
  • Tripods and monopods are permitted, if they do not impede guest traffic flow or create a safety hazard. Additional light stands and large production equipment are prohibited.
  • Do not block walkways or exhibits while taking photographs or videos.
  • Do not use flash photography in animal exhibits.
  • Do not climb fences or barriers to get closer to the animals.
  • Do not interfere with the work of Zoo staff, volunteers, or the experience of other guests.
  • The use of drones on Zoo grounds is strictly prohibited.

By entering the Zoo, guests agree to comply with this photo and video policy. The Toledo Zoo reserves the right to ask any guest to cease any photography or videography activity if it is deemed disruptive, inappropriate, or in violation of this policy.

The Toledo Zoo reserves the right to determine appropriate photo and video uses of the Toledo Zoo’s facilities, animals and staff. Appropriateness is based on the safety and dignity of the animal collection, visitor impact, pre-existing partnerships, and the overall image of the Toledo Zoo.

Upon entrance, visitors grant permission to the Toledo Zoo and its agents to utilize visitors’ images, likeness, and/or sound recordings for any purpose whatsoever in perpetuity.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you enjoy your visit to the Toledo Zoo!

Photo Location Permit Application Form