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Birding Day Trips

“Experience the magic of migration”

Northwest Ohio is famous among birders as it provides amazing opportunities to witness the spectacle of migration that happens every May along Lake Erie’s Coastline. Join Jeremy Dominguez resident ornithologist at the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium and let him share his knowledge and passion for birds in this region. With over a decade of birding Lake Erie’s migration, he knows when and where to find the birds- from the beautiful Neotropic, passerine birds, such as Warblers and Orioles, but also waders such as shorebirds that come through the marsh’s mudflats. Migration is a window of time where there is a great amount of diversity in the area and these trips are a great way to experience it. Every day during this time of year is different and magnificent!

Cost: $55
Max participants per day trip: 12

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