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Nancy L. & Martin Davidson


Down on the farm

The Nancy L. and Martin Davidson Barnyard opened June 12, 2020. The exterior yards were built in house by Toledo Zoo's maintenance department. This area was formerly The Lodge and prior to that was the original elephant house which opened in 1923 and built in the Spanish colonial revival style. Guests have the opportunity to feed the animals in both the indoor and outdoor exhibit spaces.



Vicugna pacos

Mangalica pig

Sus scrofa domesticus

Jacob sheep

Ovis aries


Capra aegagrus hircus


Feeding experience

Feed various farm animals in exhibit. Additional fee. Experience package members free.

Dining and Merchandise

Beastro Beer and Wine Garden

Craft beers, wine, frozen adult beverages and gourmet snacks

Monarch Marketplace

Grab and go healthy eats

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