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Tree Legacy

Honor the nature lover in your life with a tree legacy donation. Each tree is marked with a beautiful marker created by local artist George Carruth.

Tree Species and Locations

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Formal Gardens
$1,000 Black Gum
$1,500 Star Magnolia
$2,000 Black Gum Japanese Flowering Crabapple
$2,500 Tulip Tree
$4,000 Scotch Pine

Diving Duck
$1,000 Dwarf Bald Cypress
$2,000 Sweetgum

Primate Forest
$1,000 Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
$1,500 Shingle Oak

$1,500 Hedge Maple Three Flower Maple

$1,000 Weeping Chamaecyparis Hornbeam
$1,500 River Birch AQUARIUM
$1,000 Paperbark Maple Hedge Maple

Eagle Hill
$1,000 Japanese White Pine AFRICA
$2,500 Golden Raintree

$2,500 Golden Raintree

Please remember that the tree that you support through your sponsorship is a living thing and can die or be removed. In the event that it is necessary, we may transfer your sponsorship to another suitable tree.

Questions? Please contact the Zoo’s Development department at 419-385-5721, ext 2159.